Joni Pedersen

consulting midwife

Joni Pedersen, cnm

(she/her) Portland, Oregon 


Joni’s path through midwifery has been long and curly. It winds through the different places she has lived; Portland, Baltimore, Detroit, and Mauritania, West Africa. It is shaped by each person that she has served as a wide-eyed Peace Corps volunteer, eager doula, midwifery student, and midwife. Often bright with the overwhelming joy and spiritual nature of creation and (re)birth, this path is at times shadowed by grief and loss. Looking back, she sees how this path has shaped her into the midwife she is today. A person who believes in the instinctual wisdom in every human. A person who believes in autonomy, choice, and mutual respect. A person who believes in both the science and the magic of the world.

Joni Pedersen is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). She received her Bachelors in Sociology at Portland State University. She earned her Bachelors in Nursing and Masters in Nursing & Midwifery at Johns Hopkins University. Her midwifery career began at Alma Midwifery in Portland, OR.

"Stay afraid, but do it anyway." - Carrie Fisher

Joni describes herself as a tall, warm, awkward, queer, pisces/ pisces/taurus, enneagram 7w8 human who laughs loudly and wishes it was okay to hug everyone, all the time.
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