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Mission & Philosophy

Coyote Midwifery is dedicated to delivering well-rounded, holistic services to individuals seeking reproductive and gynecological care. Our practice is deeply rooted in the fierce belief that every birthing person deserves autonomy and respect. We believe in intersectionality and that midwifery is a stand towards social justice. We specialize in fertility support, home insemination, prenatal and postpartum care, home birth, and holistic well-person gynecology. We practice trauma-informed care and incorporate a health-at-every-size approach. We believe in the importance of community and offer ongoing opportunities for those struggling to find theirs. We are always seeking to grow as providers, individuals, and as a pack.
We affirm and celebrate the strength and bravery of the birthing person and their crucial place in families, communities, and worldwide. We commit ourselves to tend to their health and well-being. We believe in whole family care and encourage designated family members to take part in care when consent is given.  We will listen and acknowledge the life experiences, fears, and feelings of every person in our care. We believe in the basic human rights of ALL people and will do our best to continue educating ourselves and keeping ourselves and each other accountable.

​We are ready and wildly excited to learn how best to serve you.


Preconception counseling, at-home insemination through IUI and ICI, cycle awareness and charting, ​and more...

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Prenatal and postpartum care for those choosing a home or hospital birth, and home birth services.

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Additional Services

Labor and postpartum doula support, placenta encapsulation, meal planning, holistic gynecology, and more...

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Coyote Midwifery is dedicated to providing a safe space for growing families. ​However your family is structured, we strive to ensure you feel safe, valued, and heard. We know that as care providers we can always do better.