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Coyote Midwifery
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Virtual midwifery is the intersection of an ancient art and a 21st-century lifestyle. It is the recognition that we live in an increasingly digitalized world, and yet we still need true, deep, human connection. Fertility, pregnancy, postpartum - all of these moments of great joy can at times feel overshadowed by the loneliness of it all. We need people who will see us–really see us–and offer gentle guidance and a listening ear. 

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Services Offered

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Fertility | Everything from the basics to logistics, insemination, and emotional processing.

Prenatal | Pregnancy support package and one-off sessions. 

Postpartum | Postpartum planning sessions, a first-month home package, birth processing, and ongoing postpartum support. 

Meet the Team

Our virtual midwifery team is comprised of birthworkers and parents. By happenstance, we have all given birth since the onset of the pandemic. Through sharing our stories we realized we each spent our perinatal year yearning for connection more than ever. We wanted to talk, to connect, to be seen and held in all our messy glory. And so, we began to dream up the services we wished we'd had. 

Caitlin Maddigan

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Noelle Myers

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Mary Gertrude

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