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in-home postpartum care for planned hospital births

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There are many reasons why a birthing person may plan to have their baby in the hospital but choose postpartum care in the comfort of their own home...

Our postpartum care package is designed to protect the 4th trimester. These early months are a special time when parent and baby are adjusting to life separated while still relying on each other in so many ways. We spend time honoring both the parent and child as individuals and as a dyad.

We come to you to provide care in your nesting space. Remaining in this safe space can increase oxytocin while mitigating stress, allows for skin-to-skin and feeding on demand, promotes sleep and rest for healing bodies. We are often the only care providers baby sees until their two-months check-up with a pediatrician.

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Our hour-long appointments provide space for thoroughly assessing physical and emotional well-being.  You will be able to ask questions, voice any concerns, and be an active part in learning the signs and appearance of healthy, healing, happy bodies.


In-Home care   

The care you deserve in the comfort of your own home 

At Coyote Midwifery we believe that all birthing people should be granted access to comprehensive, personalized postpartum care, regardless of where they choose to give birth. Our home-based postpartum care package is designed for those birthing in the hospital but who desire postpartum care tailored to the unique needs of the postpartum family. 
The postpartum period is a special time of healing and growth. As midwives, we do our best to assist families in protecting this sacred space.

Medical Support for Parent & Baby

Benefits of being seen by a care provider postpartum include thorough examination and assessment of parent and baby. As care providers, we are attuned to recognizing and addressing postpartum complications. We are equipped to screen for common postpartum struggles and provide peace of mind that both parent and baby appear well.

At each visit, we perform vitals and wellness checks on both parent and baby. We will provide anticipatory guidance and answer any questions that arise.​ When indicated we will offer lab testing in your home, confirm bleeding is normal, monitor for signs of infection, and assess for postpartum depression. During our newborn exams, we assess for various newborn complications including jaundice, congenital heart defects, and signs of infection. We also provide newborn screening (PKU test) and monitor weight gain. In the case of complications, we work collaboratively with hospital staff to ensure optimal care. When appropriate we may treat complications out of hospital, including in-home lab testing and/or bilirubin lights to treat jaundice.

Feeding Support

Comprehensive support for newborn feeding includes nursing, bottle feeding, chestfeeding, and inducing or suppressing lactation. We provide assistance with latch, troubleshooting, weight checks, ​and creating a rhythm. If needed we can broaden your care team to include IBCLC, chiropractors specializing in newborn craniosacral adjustments, acupuncturists, and ENT experts.


What you Get

Comprehensive in-home care

  • Six 1-hour postpartum home visits lasting through the first 6 weeks postpartum

  • Vitals and wellness checks of both parent and baby at each visit
  • Comprehensive feeding support

  • ​Weight checks for baby

  • Babywearing support and education
  • Unlimited messaging support through 6 weeks postpartum

  • Support visits at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. 

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